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Warlord Arena Quest

Ecrit par B@RT

Type: Quête normale
Niveau nécessaire: 0
Lieux: Svargrond
Premium: Oui
Recompense: Golden Goblet and 1 of the following, Royal Axe, Justice Seeker, Blessed Sceptre, Present containing a Panda Teddy, Bar of Chocolate, 10 Candy, Ice Cream Cone or the Backpack containing 100 Infernal Bolts, Mastermind Potion, Bullseye Potion, 50x charged Sudden Death Rune, 50x charged Ultimate Healing Rune
Durée: Court (< 1 heure)
Notes: Several NPC's in Svargrond will start hailing you after you completed the Warlord arena.


1750 HP
1200 Exp
Darakan The Executioner
Darakan The Executioner
3500 HP
1600 Exp
Norgle Glacierbeard
Norgle Glacierbeard
4300 HP
2100 Exp
The Pit Lord
The Pit Lord
4500 HP
2500 Exp
Svoren The Mad
Svoren The Mad
6300 HP
3000 Exp
The Masked Marauder
The Masked Marauder
6800 HP
3500 Exp
Gnorre Chyllson
Gnorre Chyllson
7100 HP
4000 Exp
Fallen Mooh
Fallen Mooh'Tah Master Ghar
8000 HP
4400 Exp
10000 HP
5100 Exp
The Obliverator
The Obliverator
9500 HP
6000 Exp

Guide de quête

To be able to enter arena you first have to make the Barbarian Test missions of Ice Islands Quest. Every difficulty got 10 different bosses you have to kill to complete the difficulty. There are 10 different pits and in every pit you have to fight with a boss. Every time you kill a boss you can go to next arena but if there's someone in the pit in front of you a red rock will appear after killing the boss and you will have to wait until the player in front of you is done. The bosses don't give any loot. They become ashes and then the ashes disappear. There's a time limit at every boss, if the time ends you are out.

To start the Warlord Arena you will have to pay 10k to Halvar, the NPC at the Arena. The Arena can be found north in Svargrond.

Log de discussion
You: Hi
Halvar: Hello competitor! Do you want to fight in the arena or shall I explain the rules first?
You: Fight
Halvar: So you agree to the rules and want to participate in the challenge? Which difficulty do you choose, Greenhorn, Scrapper or Warlord?
You: Warlord
Halvar: The fee is 10000 gold for one try. Remember that if you die, it is YOUR problem and you won't be able to get back to your corpse and your backpack. Do you really want toparticipate in the arena in the hardest difficulty?
You: Yes
Halvar: As you wish! You can pass the door now and enter the teleporter to the pits.

Go passed the blinking doors and go into 1 of the 3 teleports, it doesnt matter wich one. You will encounter the creatures in the same order as noted above(there are also Fire Elementals, summons of the Obliverator).
You should be careful at some Bosses, you should stay diagonal from at least Norgle Glacierbeard, Svoren the Mad, The Masked Marauder, Gnorry Chylson, Fallen Mooh'Tah Master Ghar, Deathbringer and The Obliverator.

The one you should be most careful with is the Fallen Mooh'Tah Master Ghar, the smartest thing to do would be to heal after every hit he gives you. He can even give some nasty combo's if you are standing diagonal from him:


When you finished the Arena, go to the third room in the reward area, step on the switch to get the Golden Goblet.


And pick 1 of the following 5 rewards:
Royal Axe
Justice Seeker
Blessed Sceptre
Present Bag containing Panda Teddy, Bar Of Chocolate, 10 Candy, Ice Cream Cone
Backpack Containing 100 Infernal Bolts, Mastermind Potion, Bullseye Potion, 50x Sudden Death Rune, 50x Ultimate Healing Rune


Enjoy your loot!