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Noble Armor Quest

Ecrit par Sir Rickard

Type: Quête normale
Niveau nécessaire: 35
Lieux: Thais
Premium: Non
Recompense: Noble Armor, Crown Helmet
Durée: Court (< 1 heure)


50 HP
35 Exp
100 HP
85 Exp
260 HP
150 Exp

Guide de quête

This quest is located below Mount Sternum. Follow this map from Thais to reach the mount sternum duegon:


After you went down follow this map (you will mostly meet Cyclops but possibly one of the harder Cyclopses too):


Follow this map (Skeletons and Ghouls here):


After you went up check if the door is unlocked or locked, you may save 1k if it's unlocked. If it's locked talk with Skjaar like this to get the key:

Log de discussion
You: Hi
Skjaar: Neither strong enough to be a knight nor wise enough to be a real mage. You like it easy, don't you? Why are you disturbing me?
You: Key
Skjaar: I will give the key to the crypt only to the closest followers of my master. Would you like me to test you?
You: Yes
Skjaar: Before we start I must ask you for a small donation of 1000 gold coins. Are you willing to pay 1000 gold coins for the test?
You: Yes
Skjaar: All right then. Here comes the first question. What was the name of Dago's favourite pet?
You: Redips
Skjaar: Perhaps you knew him after all. Tell me - how many fingers did he have when he died?
You: 7
Skjaar: Also true. But can you also tell me the colour of the deamons in which master specialized?
You: Black
Skjaar: It seems you are worthy after all. Do you want the key to the crypt?
You: Yes
Skjaar: Here you are.
[b]You: Bye
Skjaar: Farewell, player!

After you got the key from him just get to the locked room after the lvl door.


There will be 4 Ghouls here. Take the loot from the chests.

Enjoy your loot!