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Marlin Trophy Quest

Ecrit par B@rt

Type: Quête d'échange
Niveau nécessaire: 0
Lieux: Liberty Bay
Premium: Oui
Recompense: Marlin Trophy
Durée: Court (< 1 heure)
Notes: You need to be able to go to Goroma.


55 HP
30 Exp
Island Troll
Island Troll
50 HP
20 Exp
45 HP
45 Exp

Guide de quête

If you aren't able to go to goroma yet, read this guide first.

Go to goroma with the Liberty Bay boat, start hunting Island Trolls untill you loot a Marlin.


Marlins can be eated, and they are very rare, so watch out with this!

Once you got yourself a Marlin, leave goroma and go to Cormaya, the captain there(Pemaret).


He will be interested in your Marlin:

Log de discussion
You: Hi
Pemaret: Greetings, young man. Looking for a passage or some fish, Player?
You: marlin
Pemaret: WOW! You have a marlin!! I could make a nice decoration for your wall from it. May I have it?
You: yes
Pemaret: Yeah! Now let's see... There you go, I hope you like it!
Your: Bye
Pemaret: Good bye. You are welcome.

Perhaps it's a bug, but it weighz 0.00 oz.
Like all other trophies, it can be placed on a wall.