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Knight Outfit Sword addon

Ecrit par Sir Rickard

Type: Quête d'addon
Niveau nécessaire: 0
Lieux: Liberty Bay
Premium: Oui
Recompense: Knight Outfit Sword addon
Durée: Long (> 2 heures)
Notes: You will need to have access to Meriana before being able to get this addon.

Guide de quête

Tableau de contenu


This is one of the 4 outfit you will always have (even as a Free Account. The addons are only for Premium Account players.

Addon 1

Before getting this addon it's best to collect the items needed. If you got the items but don't have access to Meriana you will need to get access. If you got access get to Morgan in Meriana, you can see the location where he is on this map:


You will need to talk with Morgan like this:

Log de discussion
You: Hi
Morgan: Hello, player!
You: Addon
Morgan: I can forge the finest weapons for knights and warriors. They may wear them proudly and visible to everyone.
You: Weapons
Morgan: Would you rather be interested in a knight's sword or in a warrior's sword?
You: Knight's Sword
Morgan: Great! Simply bring me 100 Iron Ore and one Crude Iron and I will happily forge it for you.
You: Forge
Morgan: What would you like me to forge for you? A knight's sword or a warrior's sword?
You: Knight's Sword
Morgan: Alright! As a matter of fact, I have one in store. Here you go!
You: Bye
Morgan: Good bye.

Enjoy your addon!