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Hot Cuisine

Ecrit par B@rt

Type: Quête d'échange
Niveau nécessaire: 0
Lieux: Ankrahmun
Premium: Oui
Recompense: Rotworm Stew, Hydra Tongue Salad, Roasted Dragon Wings, Tropical Fried Terrorbird, Banana Chocolate Shake, Veggie Casserole, Filled Jalapeño Peppers, Blessed Steak, Northern Fishburger, Carrot Cake, Cookbook(Jean Pierre) and the ability to create each of these dishes once per year.
Durée: Court (< 1 heure)
Notes: This event can only be done in August! All liquids must be in vials.

Objet nécessaire

PicObjetQuantitéObtenu de
Meat Meat 2 Badger, Bandit, Bear, Black Sheep, Brutus Bloodbeard, Carniphila, Carrion Worm, Chakoya Toolshaper, Chakoya Windcaller, Chicken, Crazed Beggar, Crocodile, Cyclops, Cyclops Drone, Cyclops Smith, Deadeye Devious, Deer, Destroyer, Dwarf Miner, Elephant, Frost Giant, Frost Giantess, Fury, Gang Member, Gargoyle, General Murius, Gladiator, Grim Reaper, Hellspawn, Hero, Hunter, Hyaena, Hydra, Island Troll, Juggernaut, Larva, Lion, Mammoth, Massive Earth Elemental, Minotaur, Minotaur Archer, Minotaur Guard, Mutated Tiger, Nightmare, Nightmare Scion, Nomad, Orc, Orc Berserker, Orc Leader, Orc Rider, Orc Spearman, Orc Warlord, Orc Warrior, Panda, Pig, Polar Bear, Rabbit, Rotworm, Scarab, Sea Serpent, Sheep, Silver Rabbit, Skunk, Smuggler, Terror Bird, The Horned Fox, The Many, The Old Whopper, Tiger, Tiquandas Revenge, Toad, Troll, Troll Champion, Undead Gladiator, Valkyrie, War Wolf, Warlord Ruzad, Wild Warrior, Winter Wolf, Wolf, Yeti, Young Sea Serpent
Beer Beer 2
Potato Potato 20
Onion Onion 3
Flour 15
Hydra Tongue Hydra Tongue 2
Tomato Tomatoe 4
Cucumber Cucumber 3
Egg Egg 8 Chicken, Grynch Clan Goblin
Troll green Troll Green 2 Werewolf
Wine Wine 1
Dead Bat 1
Jalapeño Pepper Jalapeño Pepper 15
Brown Bread Brown Bread 5 Amazon, Black Knight, Gang Member, Man In The Cave
Powder herb Powder Herb 1 Mad Scientist, Priestess
Red Mushroom Red Mushroom 5 Haunted Treeling
Dead Chicken 1
Lemon Lemon 3
Orange Orange 2 Grynch Clan Goblin, Hunter, Merlkin, Sibang
Mango Mango 2
Coconut Milk Coconut Milk 2
Stone Herb Stone Herb 1 Mutated Rat
Bar of Chocolate Bar Of Chocolate 1 Nightmare Scion, Undead Jester
Cream Cake Cream Cake 1 Grynch Clan Goblin, Mad Scientist
Banana Banana 2 Grynch Clan Goblin, Kongra, Merlkin, Sibang
Milk Milk 3
Sling herb Sling Herb 1 Carniphila, Crazed Beggar, Dharalion, Elf Arcanist, Priestess, Spit Nettle
Star herb Star Herb 1 Fernfang, Mutated Bat, Witch
Carrot Carrot 7 Apprentice Sheng, Blue Djinn, General Murius, Minotaur Mage, Rabbit, Silver Rabbit, The Horned Fox
Bulb Of Garlic 2
Cheese Cheese 3 Cave Rat, Green Djinn, Munster, Mutated Human, Rat, Witch
White Mushroom White Mushroom 20 Dryad, Dwarf, Dwarf Geomancer, Dwarf Guard, Dwarf Soldier, Haunted Treeling, Mad Scientist, Skeleton Warrior, Thornback Tortoise
Brown Mushroom Brown Mushroom 5 Grandfather Tridian, Thornback Tortoise
Shadow herb Shadow Herb 1 Ghost, Nightstalker, Phantasm, Spit Nettle


60 HP
20 Exp
70 HP
44 Exp
Stone Golem
Stone Golem
270 HP
160 Exp

Guide de quête

Maître Jean Pierre

Jean Pierre is an NPC that is only around in August, he can be found next to the Blue Djinn Fortress here.

Jean Pierre location

Ask him to become his apprentice.

Jean Pierre

Log de discussion
You: Hi
Jean Pierre: Greetings, player. What are you doing out here?
You: Apprentice
Jean Pierre: Hmm. You look quite promising. Can't hurt to give it a try, I guess. Would you like to become my apprentice, player?
You: Yes
Jean Pierre: Fine, young human. Ask me for a recipe anytime and I'll teach you what I know.
You: Recipe
Jean Pierre: The first dish we are going to prepare together is called 'Rotworm Stew'. Now, don't be scared off. Of course we won't eat those nasty and dirty earth-crawlers! ...
Jean Pierre: The name is just for the effect it has on people. Bring me the following ingredients and I'll show you how it's done. ...
Jean Pierre: Two pieces of meat, two vials of beer, twenty potatoes, one onion, one bulb of garlic and five ounces of flour. Make sure that the ingredients are fresh and smell good.
You: Bye
Jean Pierre: May your oven always be warm and your stomach filled, player.

You now got the first mission to get the ingredients for the Rotworm Stew.

Rotworm Stew

Restores full hp

- 2 Pieces of meat
- 2 Vials of beer
- 20 Potatoes
- 1 Onion
- 1 Garlic
- 5 Ounces of flour

Hydra Tongue Salad

Cures all negative status

- 2 Hydra tongues
- 2 Tomatoes
- 1 Cucumber
- 2 Eggs
- 1 Troll green
- 1 Vial of wine

Roasted Dragon Wings

Increases shield skill with 10 for 1 hour

- 1 Fresh dead bat
- 3 Jalapeño peppers
- 5 Brown breads
- 2 Eggs
- 1 Powder herb
- 5 Red mushrooms

Tropical Fried Terrorbird

Increases magic lvl with 5 for 1 hour

- 1 Fresh dead chicken
- 2 Lemons
- 2 Oranges
- 2 Mangos
- 2 Vials of coconut milk
- 1 Stone herb

Banana Chocolate Shake

Makes you "happy"

- 1 Bar of chocolate
- 1 Cream cake
- 2 Bananas
- 2 Vials of milk
- 1 Sling herb
- 1 Star herb

Veggie Casserole

Increases all melee fighting skills(Axe, Club & Sword) with 10 for 1 hour

- 2 Carrots
- 2 Tomatoes
- 2 Corncobs
- 2 Cucumbers
- 1 Onion
- 1 Garlic
- 1 Cheese
- 20 White mushrooms
- 5 Brown mushrooms

Filled Jalapeño Peppers

Increases your speed for 1 hour, note: getting paralysed or using haste spells will remove this effect!

- 10 Jalapeño peppers
- 2 Cheese
- 1 Troll green
- 1 Shadow herb
- 1 Vial of mead
- 2 Eggs

Blessed Steak

Restores full mana

- 1 Piece of ham
- 5 Plums
- 1 Onions
- 2 Beetroot
- 1 Pumpkin
- 2 Jalapeño peppers

Northern Fishburger

Increases your fishing skill with 50 for 1 hour

- 1 Northern pike
- 1 Rainbow trout
- 1 Green perch
- 5 Shrimps
- 2 Rolls
- 1 Fern

Carrot Cake

Increases your distance skill with 10 for 1 hour

- 5 Carrots
- 1 Vial of milk
- 1 Lemon
- 10 Ounces of flour
- 2 Eggs
- 10 Cookies
- 2 Peanuts

After you have done the carrot cake recipe, you can grab the cookbook from Jean Pierre's room upstairs.

Cookbook jean pierre