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Fanfare Quest

Ecrit par Sir Rickard

Type: Quête normale
Niveau nécessaire: 0
Lieux: Carlin
Premium: Non
Recompense: Key 3520, Fanfare
Durée: Court (< 1 heure)

Objet nécessaire

PicObjetQuantitéObtenu de
Rope Rope 1 Black Knight, Hero, Island Troll, Man In The Cave, Troll


50 HP
20 Exp

Guide de quête

First of you should get key 3520 which can be found in a building in Carlin. Here's the map of Carlin (the black circle is showing the location of that building):


The black circle is showing the building where the key is and the blue circle is showing the location of Carlin crypt.
After getting to the building you should find the key in the single brown box.


I allready took the key once.
Now get to Carlin crypt. At the map a bit above you can see that the location of Carlin crypt is the blue circle. Get down and now you can choose between two ways. You can go down and then open the door and continue to hole or like this map shows (going west):


Now after you went down you should walk north to the chest with loot. Walk like this map shows (Trolls here):


Take the loot in the chest.


Enjoy your loot!